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What Happens If You Wrap Your Feet with Aluminum Foil ?

You want to get rid of pain and you have already tried different pills or other natural treatments? Did you know that with only some aluminum foil you can forget about pain. It can cure neck, shoulders, knees and even heels pain. You may think it is a joke and you can use it only in the kitchen, but there are specialist who have tried this method and they have found out that it is very efficient.

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How to use it:
You know of course that the human body is made of cells that are in direct interaction with the magnetic field of the earth. It has been proved that if you apply aluminum foil on the affected parts of your body this interaction will be stopped. On the other hand specialists found out that aluminum foil produces heat, that calms down pain. If the painful areas are very large cover them with aluminum foil using the shinny part of it to interact with the painful surface. If it is necessary use some bandage to fix it well.
It is recommended to do this treatment before you go to bed and let the aluminum foil stay over the night. Do this treatments for 12 days. After other two weeks repeat it if it is necessary. Many persons have tried this treatment and aluminum foil has shown its anti-inflammatory properties.

What Happens If You Wrap Your Feet with Aluminum Foil

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