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6 Homemade Natural Remedies for Herpes

HERPES – the most unaesthetic disease that can destroy our entire day! Did you wake up and you notice that you have herpes on your lips? You certainly know that it won’t disappear soon and it is also very difficult to hide it. However do not despair because there are some local treatments that can help you cure it.

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7 Uses of Baking Soda for Cosmetic Treatment and Health

7 Uses of Baking Soda for Cosmetic Treatment and Health 1 . If your skin is dry and the body cream is not efficient you can add ½ a cup of hot sodium bicarbonate in water. After bath you’ll get a smooth and healthy skin. 2 . You may forget about the deodorants in supermarkets. If you want to neutralize ...

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Cheapest Way to Get Rid Of Cellulite

Did you have enough of fighting against cellulite, the eternal women’ problem? Have you spent a lot of money on the creams in the supermarkets? Why not trying a cheapest method? Everyone has heard of the benefic effects of coffee when applied on skin. Because of the substantial amount of antioxidants, coffee helps the body to eliminate the harmful substances ...

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Easy Home Remedy For Dry Cracked Heels

A moisturized skin heels is every woman’s dream, not only when they appear in public, but also for their own comfort. Although cracked heels do not provoke pain, except in the cases when the wounds are very deep, they are really unaesthetic. Because the summer flip-flops and sandals are a must in every woman’s wardrobe, healthy heels is always an ...

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