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How To Get Rid Of Pain using Aluminum Foil

Many people think that aluminum foil can be used only in the kitchen, but some Chinese and Russian scientists have discovered that it can be successfully used to cure some medical problems. It has been proved that it is extremely useful but it has to be used carefully.
If you have neck, shoulders, knees or back pain you can cover this parts of body with aluminum foil and the pain will quickly go away.

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Scientists consider that life energy goes through an active biologic point, it reflects and returns to the initial meridian. The method of covering the part of body that causes problems has a positive effect on the organs that are connected to this meridian. In this way you can solve different health problems and you can forget about the annoying pain.
Although it is not common all over the world this method is very used in China and Russia and its effects are amazing.
How and what does aluminum foil cure?
Did you know that if you apply some aluminum foil on the painful parts of your body you can say Good bye to this annoying problem? Therefore it is enough to use some aluminum foil and cover the painful parts of your body. Aluminum foil has very good effects if it applied on the neck, back, arms, legs, sciatica, rheumatism and salt deposition. Gout and surgical scars can also be cured with aluminum foil.
You need some aluminum foil with which you have to cover the scars or in case of gout the thumb. You can use some bandage to fix it. Let it stay for 10-12 hours and then remove it.
For inflammation use the aluminum foil over the night. Repeat this treatment after one or two weeks if it necessary. Aluminum foil has anti-inflammatory properties.
Aluminum foil can also help you cure colds.
Cover your feet with aluminum foil. You may need 5-7 layers. It is recommend to put between the layers some paper or cotton. Let it stay for one hour. Remove it and apply it again after two hours. Repeat this treatment three times and cold will certainly go away.

How To Get Rid Of Pain using Aluminum Foil

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