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Five Hairdos that Destroy your Hair

You want to be everyday different and to change your look. But you should know that certain hairdos deteriorate your hair. Dermatologists warn us that hair loss may happen because of some hairdos that destroy the hair roots.
The most harmful hairdos seem to be:

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  1. The ponytail
  2. The twin tails
  3. A tight loop
  4. Permanent waves
  5. Straightening the hair with a brushAccording to doctors one important factor that causes hair loss is the pressure that we put on the hair roots when we try improper hairdos. Alopecia for instance appears in cases of severe hair loss.
    You want curly hair and you have decided to do a perm, you should be careful because the chemical substances affect not only the scalp but also the hair roots.
    Stress is another reason for hair loss, especially after a tragic event, a difficult birth or an operation.
    It is very difficult to improve the condition of your hair after such situations and therefore you should take care not to destroy your hair deliberately.
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