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Natural Shampoo Mask for Hair Growth

Everyone has encountered at least once problems with hair. Well known are the oils that are very used when making hair masks, but there are also tinctures that are efficient for hair loss, hair regeneration, hair thickening and brilliance. They also clean the scalp (oily hair, dandruff or dermatological problems) Tinctures are hydro alcoholic natural extracts that are obtained by ...

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Five Hairdos that Destroy your Hair

You want to be everyday different and to change your look. But you should know that certain hairdos deteriorate your hair. Dermatologists warn us that hair loss may happen because of some hairdos that destroy the hair roots. The most harmful hairdos seem to be:

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Simple Homemade Hair Mask for Long and Healthy Hair

Would you like a longer healthier hair? Have you spent a lot of money on pills and masks that are not always the best solution for you? Why don’t you try something natural and in the same time cheaper. Things that can be found in every house, such as eggs, bananas, honey and beer have good results on hair.

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